Proven Track Record with a Proven Technology

Tabula Rasa Partners (TRP) owns, operates and participates in projects focused on the revitalization of mature oil field(s), emphasizing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) potential through CO2 injection. The Executive Management team of Tabula Rasa Partners (TRP) has more than 120 years of collective operating experience in managing and operating oil and gas facilities. The team has specific experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream space and has been involved in a wide array of CO2 tertiary-flooding projects in both the domestic U.S. and Canada. TRP currently operates in the Permian Basin of West Texas.

TRP Operations

Formed in June 2010, Tabula Rasa Partners, LLC focuses on the acquisition and development of mature oil fields, most often, under waterflood, with the ultimate goal of injection CO2 to realize an additional incremental oil wedge otherwise left stranded in ground. Our business focuses on reservoirs in geologic horizons that have either been successfully flooded via CO2 injection, or meet the technical criteria for a successful CO2-EOR project going forward. Our business strategy is to maximize near-term cashflow through revitalization and stimulation workovers accretive to oil production. Specifically we look for opportunities where idle wellbores can be brought back on line; active wells can be stimulated through perforating bypassed pay and acidization; as well as production gains made through waterflood sweep efficiency and injection balancing. All revitalization and stimulation projects are done with conscious effort in preparation for long-term production growth through CO2 flooding.